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AOK 808 black hydrogen water bottle

  • Hydrogen is not approved as drug at this stage. However, Hydrogen, be used as food from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as 168 number of existing additive is permitted.

AOK 808 black hydrogen water bottle

Product details

AOK 808 black

Hydrogen water bottle| 

Portable hydrogen-rich water maker 


Battery capacity:1000mAH


Main features:

  • 1,Cup material:Eastman tritan                                             
  • 2,Cup material anti againg,hydrolysis resistance,high temperature resistance,resistance to fall,easy to clean      
  • 3,Material of the products do not contain plasticizers,safety and health                                                                    
  • 4,Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode,high efficiency electrolysis,long operating life                              
  • 5,Hydrogen content 800ppb,negative potential -220                                      
  • 6,Using lithium batteries, long battery operation life

Character of service:

•Standby current:2mA                                                           

•Working voltage:DC-5V                                                      

•Electrolysis process has bubbles and light                       

• Electrolysis process without noise                                      

• After the end of the electrolysis automatically shut 


Drinking Volume: 1.5 – 2L per day
Water temperature: At room temperature 15-20 0C
Drinking program: 6-8 times a day with a glass of 150-200ml at a time.

The Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator is the latest invention to provide strong antioxidant hydrogen-rich water.

• Generate dissolved hydrogen in just 30 minutes or less
• No water filters to change
• Remove free radicals fast to keep you healthy and young
• Feel energized and fresh with better hydration

Powerful Antioxidant Water For Boosting Your Immune System And Cellular Protection.


Key Health Benefits 

• Remove harmful free radicals from your body
• Improve cellular health and protection
• Enhance better nutrient absorption in the body
• Better  hydration for your body
• Increase blood circulation
• Helps to lower saturated fat levels
• Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin
• Improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility
• Reduce constipation problems
• Aids in lowering cholesterol levels
• Detoxifies your body
• Faster recovery from physical workout
• Improves quality of life for cancer patients undergoing medical treatment.


Our advantage :

1,Unique electrolysis technology

With independent research and development of electrolytic technology. Each time the hydrogen content is stable at 0.4ppm – 0.8ppm

2,Strong adaptability

The cup is made of EASTAN TRITAN (American Eastman). It does not contain BPA, clear and transparent, excellent resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, strong impact resistance and durability. 

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Healthy Water& Healthy Life!

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